Working in Europe

One of your main concerns should be that you are working "correctly" in Europe. By this we mean that you are properly registered and paying the correct amount of tax and social security according to your personal status. This is important not only for your personal situation but also for the Client for whom you will be working.
The simple message is, take the right advice and make sure you do things properly.

  • What to do whilst in the UK

    • Look to seek advice from accountancy & management companies who are specialists in providing services to contractors whilst working abroad. These can be based in the UK or in Mainland Europe and will guide you to the taxation and administrative matters that need to be dealt with.
    • Ensure you have a valid 10-year passport.
    • Arrange for any school or nursery places.
    • Ensure that you are aware of extra costs which you may incur i.e. Flights to and from the UK, Schooling fees, medical insurance etc.
  • What to do once you have arrived

    • Register in the local City Hall
    • Open a local Bank Account
  • Medical

    You should obtain an E101 (or equivalent) certificate from your home country (the Post Office can issue this). This entitles the holder to free or reduced cost medical treatment whilst in Mainland Europe.

  • Bank Account

    Most banks will be happy to open a local Bank Account with you once you have the appropriate local registrations completed.

  • Personal Goods

    If you plan to stay for a long time, you will probably want to bring your personal belongings with you. When you come from an EU country, you do not need to declare personal items to customs. This does not apply to cars.

  • Schooling

    English speaking schools are available in Mainland Europe, but private schooling is expensive so we suggest that you look into this, carefully taking into account your salary level before committing.

  • Accommodation

    This will obviously depend on your personal circumstances and whether you plan to rent or purchase. Our advice would be to consider rent or stay in a hotel or lodgings initially before committing to a purchase. One consideration you will have to take in mind will be that most local agents insist upon taking upto 3 months deposit plus 1 months rent in advance before you take occupation.

  • Pension

    This will probably not be affected by you going to Mainland Europe, but we suggest you review this with your financial advisor. It may be appropriate for you to increase or decrease pension contributions whilst you are working abroad.

  • Useful Visitor Websites

  • Local Currencies

    Mainland Europe changed to the currency of Euros in February 2002 and as a result payments to contractors now will be in this currency. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland are excluded from this and in these instances you will be paid in their local currencies.

  • Car Registration

    If you take up permanent residence abroad, you should register your car on arrival with the local licensing authorities. If your residence is temporary you may drive on a British registration for one year. Every vehicle used on the roads must carry a warning triangle and first aid kit.

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