NMC Revalidation

Starts: Sun, 29 Nov 2015

Ends: Mon, 30 Nov 2015

Kays Medical in partnership with the Association of Occupational Nurse Practitioners (AOHNP) are pleased to announce a series of Revalidation Workshops. What is revalidation? NMC Revalidation is a process being introduced by the NMC that all nurses and midwives will be required to undertake every three years, in order to renew their registration. NMC Revalidation will be the way in which nurses and midwives demonstrate to the NMC that they continue to practice safely and effectively, and can remain on the register. In order to revalidate, every nurse and midwife will have to declare to the NMC that they are meeting the standards of the revised NMC code, received confirmation from a third party that this is true, and be able to offer evidence which shows how this has been achieved. The event is free and open to RN’s registered with the NMC. If you would like to attend any of the workshops and learn more about the changes to revalidation email: liz.donaghy@kaysmedical.com to reserve your place. Please also feel free to circulate to your colleagues: 23rd September Rotherham 6pm; 6th October London 6pm; 6th October Cambridgeshire 6pm; 7th October Hull 6pm; 28th October Liverpool 6pm; 11th November West Bromwich 11am; 17th November Northampton 2pm; 18th November Cardiff 11am; 12th January 2016 Leicester 6pm; 2nd February 2016 Derby 6pm; Coming soon! Dates to be announced for Manchester and the North East